Welcome to Park City! The Heart of Snow Country!

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning in the Summertime

Park City has a variety of unique events and activities.  For example, how many people can simply drive a few miles and take a ride in a hot air balloon? In Park City it’s easy since there are several companies specializing in this exciting activity.  Ballooning is a real hit among families with children, most of whom would jump for joy at the thought of a trip in a hot air balloon.

Park City Balloon Adventures specializes in small group trips in a hot air balloon, usually traveling for one hour. Private flights are available as well as flights for groups, businesses, and families.

Enjoy the Landscape from Above

The landscape surrounding Park City adds to the wonder and excitement.  Instead of only seeing cityscapes and roadways, ballooners will get to see mountain ranges, expansive forests, and lakes as well as the city and surrounding towns as they sail through the sky. The ability to see for miles and with such a varied and beautiful landscape makes a hot air balloon trip a must for any nature lover.

Those who have experienced ballooning over Park City report that the feeling is truly like no other. Unlike flying in a plane or helicopter, hot air ballooning incorporates the thrill of beautiful vistas while drifting in a quiet and open space. A ride with family or friends can be a thrill of a lifetime. Park City, Utah is a gorgeous town with a lot to do. Seeing it from hundreds of feet in the air is a truly unique experience!