Welcome to Park City! The Heart of Snow Country!

Old Town

Park City Real Estate has an undeniable historical allure stemming from the discovery of silver ore (as well as gold, zinc, and lead) which won the city a spot in Utah and, by extension, US history. However, it was the town’s resilience and adaptability to a changing world that cemented its place in history. In fact, it is this resilience that turned Old Town and its Historical Main Street into the hotspot that it is today instead of becoming obsolete when mining finally ceased in 1982 (after more than a century!).

Four Reasons Why Old Town and Historic Main Street Have Become Famous

From its early mining days, Park City’s Old Town District with its Historical Main Street evolved slowly yet dramatically into the epicenter of a vibrant community today hosting far more than just world class winter sports and summer festivals. Although there are many reasons why Park City is now on the world’s radar, here are arguably the top four:

1. Being the Original Park of the City, Old Town goes down in history as being one of the busiest mining towns in Utah and the country as a whole. As a result, Park City rebounded from the 1907 economic downturn affecting most of the country and became a financial stronghold within one year!

2. The world record set in 1931 when Alf Engen jumps 247 feet at Ecker Hill just one year after the city’s first ski jump was built. Then, Park City’s place in the world of skiing began to take shape when it opened its first Winter Carnival. It became a huge success with more than 500 skiers in attendance.

3. From the 1898 opera house (which was destroyed in a fire three months after construction then rebuilt) to the city’s first Arts Festival in 1970 and the opening of the Kimball Art Center in 1973, it becomes clear that the community has always placed high value on the Arts. However, its “Claim to Fame” occurred when it became home to the first US Film and Video Festival in January 1981. This festival, which highlighted independent films, became what we know today as the Sundance Film Festival.

4. In 2002 Old Town and Main Street became the focus of the Winter Olympics. The honors were awarded to Salt Lake City, but Park City became the social and sporting epicenter, with an estimated 40% of the events taking place here. Park City has been benefiting from the exposure ever since!

Main Street and Old Town have always been busy with the everyday hustle and bustle of shoppers whether they were visitors or locals. Today is no different thanks the more than 200 business in operation. From Park City Real Estate to the many restaurants, galleries, boutiques, spas, B&Bs, and ski lifts that take you directly to the mountains, Park City is definitely ‘The Place to Be’.